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Session Faqs.

How long will my session last?

Each session will last approximately 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours,  depending on weather, the little one’s mood – or if I feel I have captured all the images you wanted.

What should we wear?

It is totally up to the clients to decide how they want to dress for their portraits – however if you need some suggestions I am happy to help.

My personal preference is that clients don’t all “match” but rather “coordinate”.  I tend to think portraits where everyone is dressed the same tend to look “outdated” after a certain amount of time.

Pick apparel that has 2 to 3 colors that go together – and run with it.

Another consideration is this:  Decide where you want to hang this portrait – is it in the living room?  Family room?  Office? – dress accordingly so that the colors will fit in w/ the decor in that room.

You don’t want to hang a portrait where everyone is wearing ” bright pastel hawaiian clothing”  in a Formal living room where the colors are all muted earth – tones.

Again you are the client and I will work with whatever you decide upon.

How do I get my child to smile?

I am very patient when it comes to the little ones.  I have little tricks or secrets that I use to get them to smile – but I do discourage parents from having the children say “cheese” or become irate if the child does not smile.

Sometimes if the parents just step back a bit – and allow me to work one-on-one with your child – that’s where those special images occur.

I also understand that it just may not be a “smiling” day for your child – and I can work with that also.

Do I shoot weddings?

No – at this point in time I do not – and I don’t know if I want to head down that road.  I prefer  babies, children & families & Seniors

Can I include my family pet?

Of course you can bring Fido or Molly with you – please remember it may take a bit longer to get everyone to cooperate.

What is the best way to describe “your style”?

I look for those moments that aren’t always posed.  The everyday little moments when children are being themselves.  Sometimes I will just follow them around to capture that “right” image.

I don’t want my images to look dated. I like clean & simple.  Props are kept to a minimum – unless you have a certain item you would love to include.  I really enjoy my clients and have become friends

with so many of them.  I keep myself “open” – so my clients can know all about me before they actually book a session – so they know what to expect.  I encourage my clients to read my personal blog

if they have any questions about “who I am”.  And I look forward to meeting each one in person!