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82 days.



Till the Big Day.

I don’t know about you guys but 2014 is zipping by.

Where did it go?

The big details are all secured and now it’s the fun stuff left to plan for the wedding.

To say that weekend is going to be a blast is an understatement.

It will be a week-end long celebration in a town I can not wait to see – Saratoga Springs!


It seems we have quickly gotten adjusted to our new “life”.

B is back to work & loving it.

It took a week of  ”it -feels-strange-” to get acclimated to a new routine -

but all is well now.

I find myself reacting differently to all the speed-bumps life hands one lately.

My attitude is defiantly more along the lines of –   “it is what it is” – life goes on -

vs my old “strict-time-line-this-isn’t-what-I-planned” mentality.


I continue to stay busy with my Pure Barre classes {I can’t recommend them enough} – totally hooked -

and capturing images for others.

That and a daily addiction to “Criminal Minds” –  & Sour patch kids – is keeping me busy:)

And because I like looking at pictures here are a few taken over the past few weeks!



Best phrase ever!!! Took a trip to Savannah for a quick little break -


What photographers do at their favorite restaurants – {The Pink House}


Best Fried Chicken ever – at Paula Deen’s restaurant


Little Abbey turned 4 today!



And these are just various images from the many sessions held  -





And as hard as it is to believe -

2014 Holiday Mini-Sessions will be announced in the next two weeks – yup it’s that time of year!



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Plot twist.


Life has a funny way of changing things all up doesn’t’ it?

What exactly do you call it when someone is leaving the world of retirement and heading back into the craziness of work?

Exciting???  Scary???

We have exactly 10 days left of this non-working so called retired life.

B heads back to work and I soon after.

What have we learned these past 15 months???

That we are way to young to live this lifestyle.

Since returning back to the states we have learned that just about every one of B’s co-workers – has -

a. Gone back to work in a different job – or

b.  Is sitting home depressed and feeling useless and regretting their choice to stop work when they did.


I swear I could write pages and pages on what we have found out about retirement.  I don’t think there are enough articles out there that cover this topic – especially for retiree’s who are younger than the average.

And while it is a blessing that B is able to stop  work when he did – he is just to young for this stage of his life yet.

So he begins his new career in a few days and while we are excited   it’s a bit scary as well as we once again adjust to a “new way of life”.  I’m hoping after one week we both settle in and it becomes the norm.

I will  continue to focus on my business and will head  up catering for an  a little place featured on The Food Network – “Diners, Drive-in’s & Dives” - quite a change from all my years in fine dining – but a welcome change!


So we have been focusing on enjoying life and the free time we have had – and I’ll let these images tell the story!!




- Time has been spent wedding cake tasting, wedding shoe shopping and MOTB dress shopping {which was so not fun – there are very few choices out there if you don’t want sequins, feathers or glitter on your dress}!  And the flavors picked for K’s wedding cake are perfect – no icing needed!!!




- I’ve spent a lot of time here:  recognize these pieces anyone???    Yes I’ve joined the Pure Barre class movement and have fallen in love.  Is it easy???  Heck no – it hurts, your muscles shake,  you curse your instructor inside your head and after my first class I couldn’t walk for a day.   It’s a mixture of Ballet, Pilates & Yoga all in one. But it does get a little easier and it’s addicting.   And it has easily become part of my schedule now.




-I’ve also spent some time on the back of this.  B has gotten his retirement/coming out of retirement present.  And it’s been a blast.



-spent some time in North Carolina and visited an Elk  preserve.  Unfortunately it was hot and mid-afternoon so instead of seeing herd’s of Elk this was the best I managed to get.

-what is usually on my table or near me  :)


-and I’ve spent some time with some little people like this!


Off to class – and I believe dinner at The  Olde Pink House  is in my future soon – enjoy the weekend!!

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Stephanie @ La Dolce VitaMay 24, 2014 - 5:30 pm

Looks like you are having fun though! and I loved the Olde Pink House – one of our best meals in Savannah. Loved that trip!




This blog has been a bit neglected lately.

I have no good reason other than to say there isn’t that much to write about at this point in life.

You see – we are in a “stage”.

Some can call it an “in-between” stage, a “waiting-stage”, or a “I’m trying to get a life again stage”.

It’s not a fun stage – I will say that.

All the projects around the house are done – all that is left are the really big ones – that require we go back to work to complete.

So what’s left??

Yes we love being home again but we are both so so ready to as I call it – “get a life again”.

We are ready to have interaction with people on a daily basis,  job responsibilities, an additional paycheck –  and for me personally daily weekly  trips to Starbucks again.

It seem’s like we are in this – “in-between stage” – just waiting to see what the next part of our life will bring.

It feels like we are stuck.

It get’s a bit depressing -

and I know that something great will come our way in terms of employment – but until then – it sucks.

I know many would say they would love to switch places with us – but remember that “grass isn’t always greener” little tidbit -

We are thankful that B was able to retire at such a young age – but it’s too young to stay retired – life – part 2 needs to begins.

And I hope it begins soon.


And speaking of Stages:

I love this newborn stage!

I had the privilege of being able to capture this little new – to – the – world  little boy  in Palm Beach last week -




I’ll be back -……….



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Janmary, N IrelandApril 23, 2014 - 12:57 am

Hoping your next chapter happens soon! In the meantime enjoy all those things you missed when you were in Donegal :)

Love from all of us,


Stephanie @ La Dolce VitaApril 24, 2014 - 3:18 pm

I hear you – on the blogging and the stages! I hope you both soon find what makes you happiest in this world!

a quick little lesson learned….



see these images below?


They happen to be my two favorite ones from a “tween” session I had this week.



and I mention that they are my favorites but they almost didn’t happen.

You see I miscalculated the time on when the sun would start going down and that time of “perfect” light would be around.

The sun was still all out glowing and causing everyone to squint.

I found the perfect spot to shoot – the top floor of an outdoor garage – not one single car – I was so excited – till my little guys couldn’t face any which way with out having sun in their eyes.

I felt defeated and cursed myself {silently} for not choosing the time better and decided to pack up and head to a new location.

Then I looked at their Mom standing near by – and it hit me!!!!  {light bulb moment people}!!!

Sunglasses!!! I had the boys wear their moms sunglasses and viola!!!

My favorite images!

It wasn’t exactly what I had pictured in my mind – no it turned out better than I could have imagined.

All because of a little bit of crazy creativity!

And unless you are a photographer you could probably care less about this lesson -

but it caused me to do a little happy dance!!!


Happy Friday!!!


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Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Mini – Sessions




Give the Gift of a Memory…..
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It’s that time of year again – a time for a celebration of the Mother’s & Father’s in our lives.  Imagine the joy in the eyes of your Mother/Father/Grand mum/Grandpa/Wife/Husband when you give them a little piece of your life – a memory they can display and see every day.  Gift a session to someone or use this time to have  your own session done with the wee ones.   It’s a perfect gift to honor the special people in our lives. You will never regret the gift of a memory.

Here’s the scoop:  $350.00 session fee includes

  • 30 minute session for up to 4 people
  • digital images available for download from an on line Gallery
  • YOUR CHOICE OF:   {1} 11×14 Custom Framed Portrait or {1} 8×10 Gallery Wrapped Canvas – wrapped and ready for gift giving.
  • Ability to purchase all edited images from the session for an additional $250.00
  • Limited session availability so book quickly!
  • Session locations to be determined at the time of booking.
  • Gift Sessions purchased must be used by August 1 2014.

*pricing includes 7% Florida Sales Tax.

Email me today to book your session:  elizabeth.holder@earthlink.net or call 813-765-4287 - www.elizabethholderphotography.com


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