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This blog has been a bit neglected lately.

I have no good reason other than to say there isn’t that much to write about at this point in life.

You see – we are in a “stage”.

Some can call it an “in-between” stage, a “waiting-stage”, or a “I’m trying to get a life again stage”.

It’s not a fun stage – I will say that.

All the projects around the house are done – all that is left are the really big ones – that require we go back to work to complete.

So what’s left??

Yes we love being home again but we are both so so ready to as I call it – “get a life again”.

We are ready to have interaction with people on a daily basis,  job responsibilities, an additional paycheck –  and for me personally daily weekly  trips to Starbucks again.

It seem’s like we are in this – “in-between stage” – just waiting to see what the next part of our life will bring.

It feels like we are stuck.

It get’s a bit depressing -

and I know that something great will come our way in terms of employment – but until then – it sucks.

I know many would say they would love to switch places with us – but remember that “grass isn’t always greener” little tidbit -

We are thankful that B was able to retire at such a young age – but it’s too young to stay retired – life – part 2 needs to begins.

And I hope it begins soon.


And speaking of Stages:

I love this newborn stage!

I had the privilege of being able to capture this little new – to – the – world  little boy  in Palm Beach last week -




I’ll be back -……….



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Janmary, N IrelandApril 23, 2014 - 12:57 am

Hoping your next chapter happens soon! In the meantime enjoy all those things you missed when you were in Donegal :)

Love from all of us,


a quick little lesson learned….



see these images below?


They happen to be my two favorite ones from a “tween” session I had this week.



and I mention that they are my favorites but they almost didn’t happen.

You see I miscalculated the time on when the sun would start going down and that time of “perfect” light would be around.

The sun was still all out glowing and causing everyone to squint.

I found the perfect spot to shoot – the top floor of an outdoor garage – not one single car – I was so excited – till my little guys couldn’t face any which way with out having sun in their eyes.

I felt defeated and cursed myself {silently} for not choosing the time better and decided to pack up and head to a new location.

Then I looked at their Mom standing near by – and it hit me!!!!  {light bulb moment people}!!!

Sunglasses!!! I had the boys wear their moms sunglasses and viola!!!

My favorite images!

It wasn’t exactly what I had pictured in my mind – no it turned out better than I could have imagined.

All because of a little bit of crazy creativity!

And unless you are a photographer you could probably care less about this lesson -

but it caused me to do a little happy dance!!!


Happy Friday!!!


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Springtime & Lizzie the Lamb.


Very little words today.

Lot’s of images.

Just here in Tampa dying from all this pollen.





special dessert for special friends.

Love having talented friends who can call a strike and play the bagpipes!
I bought a lemon tree!!!! And it’s bloomin! Hopefully we can have some homemade Lemonade in a few weeks.



Yes isn’t that face irresistible?


Speaking of irresistible – I would like you to meet my little lamb namesake.


While living overseas B worked at the Trean House sheep farm every week.

Every year they keep one or two lambs as a pet – and she gets bottle fed -

This year’s lamb was named Lizzie.


She also has a sister named Sheba – and you can see her here:

And this is Lizzie & her mum:

{all Lizzie photos courtesy of their parents at the Trean House}

{and if you want to stay in one of the best B&B’s in Donegal – please visit Joyce & Mervyn – at the Trean House – you will love their home & their farm}


and I almost forgot:


My travel prints can now be purchased here:

Hurry on over if you want this guy :


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One year ago today……



I was feeling a tad bit homesick – it was cold & rainy & I didn’t want to go to the local St. Patricks Parade -

but B finally coaxed me into it -

then offered to drive me to Ballyliffen Beach so I can try to capture the Northern Lights.

B also coaxed me into chatting with the guy a few feet away from me about shooting the lights – even though I was deathly embarrassed because I didn’t’ have a tripod -

and if I hadn’t been coaxed I wouldn’t have met Brendan  who coaxed me into joining the BCC –  {can you tell I need lot’s of coaxing sometimes}

and well the rest is history!!!

Thinking back to all my friends across the ocean and missing this place!




It’s a stormy grey day out – and I am dealing with strong anger issues towards a certain Armadillo who not only is destroying our lawn and flower beds, but has moved on to destroying all my potted plants on my porch.  Any ideas on how to get rid of this guy? We set a trap but he just dug underneath the trap –  and I can’t begin to write down all the obscenities that came flying out of B’s mouth when he saw that!!  Earmuffs people!


We have been staying busy with yard work, painting,  and an occasional spring training base ball game thrown in:


Our good friend Dan is back in town – {no not the one waving the one next to him}:



and an occasional celebrity for some eye candy:


Richard Gere.


He threw out the first pitch of this Yankees game -

and shooting lot’s of couples, mamas to be and newborns:


DY9C8078ebw copy



with an occasional Golden named Tully thrown in!






So that’s life in a nutshell over here – enjoy your green holiday – Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!!


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Brendan DiverMarch 17, 2014 - 12:47 pm

Well sitting here 17th March 2014 Saint Patrick’s day here in Clonmany, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Just thinking back one year ago tonight met you and B out looking for the Aurora Borealis, The Northern Lights in Ballyliffin.

We have spent 100′s of hours trying to photograph them and you two come along and get them within 10 minutes…………….lol………..remembered you saying that’s another of my bucket list. What an amazing year you two had over here and also for me knowing you both………….:)

Friends for life :)

JanmaryMarch 21, 2014 - 2:40 am

What a year you had here, making new memories and new friends. A few days late, but Happy St Patricks Day from Norn Iron. Life still a bit upside down here, but taking a day at a time!

W h a t ' s   i n   m y   B a g